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Deviled Eggs Cookbook

Straight from the Deep South, Chef Bobby’s fantastical book demonstrates there is more than one way to skin a cat - or in this case…

Make an egg!

150+ Pages Including 60+ Creative and Delicious 
Deviled Egg Recipes and 25+ Sauces to make
Your Next Family Dinner Super Special
Normally $35.99, Right Now 75% Off
Just a quick note...Chef Bobby here...

I was born in New Orleans and raised in Mississippi. I can’t remember any important dinner at home, covered dish supper at church, picnic or funeral that did not have deviled eggs sitting on the table. 

The South yields a lot of flavor!

It’s funny, my Mom, who is still the inspiration behind my love for food and cooking, used to make one specific recipe of deviled eggs. 

It’s in this book and titled, “Mama’s Eggs.” However, I truly went out of the box and created instant classics as: Bacon Ranch Egg - Crabby Eggy - Shrimp Diablo - Buffalo Soldier - The Marked Cuban - The Korean Devil

All of which are bold, creative variations of classic deviled eggs. 

Spicy Chipotle Blue Cheese Egg
The Crabby Eggy
Here are some of the chapters included:
  •  Expert Tips when making Deviled Eggs 
  •  The Egg Mine Field - How to Choose your Eggs at the Grocery Store
  •  Chef Bobby's Best Equipment Choices
  •  Substitutions for Mayonnaise
  •  How to Cook your Eggs
Pimento and Cheese Egg
Steak and Eggs